Our Mission.
We think Art Students are the best kind of student.

As well as being fiercely creative and independent, Art Students are idealists, because they know that University is about far more than the job at the end of it. Studying art is about immersing yourself in what you love and telling the world who you are.

But no surprise, in 2016 employability and future prospects are important. Studying art is a big, gutsy, decision – and choosing where to study deserves research.

The Art Student is dedicated to exploring life at the UK’s best Art Schools and Universities. We make visual Uni Guides by visiting campuses across the country and then hand-pick content from Twitter and Instagram to help you see through the eyes of real Art Students. It’s our a clever way of making your decision a little easier, you won’t find it anywhere else.

So go have a browse, future Art Student, and find a place that excites you!

Our Background.
The Art Student exists because we’ve experienced the hugely positive impact of Art School ourselves, but were frustrated by the lack of support and information available to creative young people to help them make informed decisions about higher education.

You’ve probably noticed that most university guides are ugly, text heavy, focused on ‘academic’ paths and don’t seem to understand the Art School experience. But The Art Student is different. By curating posts from social media, we create visual profiles of the UK’s best Art Schools and Universities – it’s the most engaging, most inspiring and most ‘real’ way to get to know a campus from a distance.

The Art Student was founded in 2016 by Jon Hillier (a Fine Art graduate and Advertising Strategist) in London.

Contact The Art Student.
If you represent a University and wish to suggest changes to your profile or would like your institution added to The Art Student, please email matisse@theartstudent.com.

For casual questions, why not catch us on Twitter.

We respond quickly to takedown requests from content creators and take your rights seriously – please share details with dali@theartstudent.com.