Arts University Bournemouth Prospectus

Arts University Bournemouth Prospectus

Prospectus Review: Arts University Bournemouth

May 24th, 2016 /

Surely we can’t be the only ones surprised at how text-heavy so many arts prospectuses are?


After all, a great number of Art Students are visual/spatial thinkers – we think most clearly when we think in pictures and we understand the world by looking, prodding and exploring. It’s one of the main reasons why the Uni Guides here at The Art Student are loaded with photos.


So when Arts University Bournemouth‘s 2016-17 prospectus arrived, we were excited to see that others agree. This has to the first ever prospectus that we can’t stop playing with!


We think they’ve done a great job, it’s polished from start to finish – in fact, we’ve never enjoyed a flashier, more creative, prospectus.


Arts University Bournemouth Prospectus


Accompanying a 102 page, fluro-printed, A5 ‘Guide to our Courses’ (fetch your sunglasses, it’s bright inside) is a cardboard folio of 21 double-sided, stackable, cards featuring student work and scenes from Bournemouth.


We’d love to see more follow AUB’s lead and inspire us to ‘make’ as well as read. Frankly, after the satisfaction of seeing how high we could build, we might’ve had a second look at AUB’s architecture course.


And it looks like we’re not the only ones who’ve been building (well, to varying degrees of success)…




Hmm… at least you tried.

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